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View Mildred and Pat’s story about a sister’s love and how the Gathering Place has made a difference in their life.

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Since 1985, CarePartners has partnered with hundreds of congregations, organizations and other nonprofits. We have been bringing caring volunteers together with families to provide support, education, respite, a break from caregiving responsibilities, and resources to family caregivers of individuals living with memory loss and other challenges of aging. I want to thank you for choosing CarePartners to support you during your journey.

In 2020, 1,769 of our volunteers participated in serving 2,557 caregivers and their loved ones through our four core programs: Gathering Place, Second Family, Common Ground, and Caregiver Education events. Approximately 52,800 hours of care, respite and education were donated which represents a value exceeding $1.44 million in free support and services. 

“The volunteers have been marvelous,” says Patricia. “They have provided the stimulation that she needs. They bring in such a fresh approach to her and she loves it.”

About five years ago, Patricia Lester (Pat) made the decision to become her sister Mildred Argyle’s primary family caregiver. Since then, Mildred has been attending five to seven Gathering Place programs each month in the Greater Houston area.

“A little over five years ago, the dementia that had crept up on her got to be a problem with her taking care of herself,” Pat says. “I decided that she was really not ready for a facility. By this time, our children were grown and off on their own, so we certainly had a vacant bedroom. My husband was in agreement, and we decided that we would bring her here to care for her.”

Mildred was born deaf, but that hasn’t been a barrier between her and the volunteers. The Care Team® at Zion Lutheran Church recently had a celebration for her 101st birthday.

“They have taken such an interest in Mildred,” Pat says. “They always let her and me know that they were so happy she came. They are very attentive, very helpful and have gone out of their way to assist her and to function with the deafness.”

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