Promoting Healthy Aging Across Southeast Texas (SETxGWEP)

Promoting Healthy Aging Across Southeast Texas (SETxGWEP)

Promoting Healthy Aging group of seniors

CarePartners’ partnerships are vital to our mission. Working with faith-based partners, nonprofit organizations, businesses and community partners helps us provide the highest quality care, share important local resources and promote healthy aging for family caregivers and older adults. In 2020, CarePartners’ Care Teams® served 2,557 caregivers and their loved ones, 1,510 people attended caregiver educational events and volunteers donated more than 52,796 hours of free care. CarePartners’ goal is to continue to reach new communities and make our resources available to all caregivers and aging adults in need. We are excited to partner with the Southeast Texas Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program and join their community of aging-care professionals.

Promoting Healthy Aging Across Southeast Texas SETxGWEPThe Southeast Texas Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Program (SETxGWEP), a robust community of healthcare professionals collaborating to promote the principles of age-friendly care to improve health outcomes for all of us as we age, is pleased to announce the publication of their website at  The website is a repository of inter-professional training and education resources specifically on the care of aging adults. We invite you to explore the site and share it widely with colleagues, family and friends for valuable resources for older adults, caregivers, and healthcare professionals serving older adults.

SETxGWEP strives to promote, disseminate, and implement the key principles of Age Friendly Healthcare for health systems and community partners. Please visit the website at for more information, training and resources. Find state-of-the-art education for healthcare professionals and community members in caring for aging adults. There is support for healthcare professionals and aging adults in the practice of age-friendly care, as well as community-based resources for persons living with dementia.

About CarePartners

Founded in 1986, CarePartners is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization providing high-quality care for older adults and people with dementia, as well as their caregivers. CarePartners bridges the gap between healthcare and social services by offering nationally recognized programs across Greater Houston which support caregivers’ physical and mental health while accommodating their loved ones’ needs, interests, and abilities. Since the agency’s founding in 1986, CarePartners’ volunteers have delivered more than 3 million hours of free care representing $83.7 million.