Our Vision and Mission

About Us

Founded in 1986, CarePartners is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization providing high-quality care for older adults and people with dementia, as well as for their caregivers. CarePartners bridges the gap between healthcare and social services by offering programs to educate caregivers and promote their physical and mental well-being while honoring their loved ones’ needs, interests, and abilities. CarePartners provides services to help families navigate every step of the aging journey, via support groups, in-home visits, caregiver consultation, workshops, and activity programs designed for individual participants. With a robust corps of certified staff and trained volunteers, CarePartners offers services online, by phone, across the community, and on-site at the Dementia Day Center, the only adult daytime facility in the Houston region for individuals from early to late-moderate stages of dementia.


Creating Compassionate Communities of Care


To provide care, education, and support to older adults, including those with dementia, and their family caregivers.