Veterans’ Resources

Veterans are eligible for a variety of benefits and services that can assist you in caring for them. Below are a few resources that may help you access and use these benefits.

What help is available for caregivers of veterans?

Navigating veterans’ benefits can be difficult; however, they can be extremely beneficial assisting you in managing care. The Family Caregiver Alliance has a helpful Frequently Asked Questions document that can answer many of your questions about accessing these benefits.

Getting Connected

How to Get Connected to the Veterans Affairs Health Care System: The VA Health Care System encourages all Veterans to enroll in the system. The Become a Patient section on the VA’s website, provides an overview of eligibility criteria, minimum duty requirements and contact information.

How to Get Connected to Caregiver Support Services: The Veterans Affairs has additional services for caregivers. Contact the Veterans’ Line by calling (855) 260-3274.

How to Get Connected to Benefits: Many counties have a Veterans Services Office to assist veterans and their families access benefits and help in obtaining important documentation needed to apply for benefits. Below are the offices for identified counties:

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