Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is a FREE opportunity for family caregivers to receive respite, a break from caregiving responsibilities, while their loved ones participate in activities such as games, music, arts, crafts, lunch, and socialization in a safe environment.

This monthly program is held in partnership with congregations and nonprofits who provide space and volunteers who are trained by CarePartners to participate on a Care Team®.  These Care Team volunteers provide companionship and fun for individuals living with mild to moderate memory loss due to Alzheimer’s or other dementias.


Caregivers and their loved ones can participate in as many Gathering Place programs as needed each month. Transportation is not provided.

Pre-registration is required.

This program was funded by a grant provided by the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

To locate the program nearest you:

  • Enter your zip code, the radius in miles you are willing to drive, and click Search for the results.
  • To filter the results, click on Gathering Place to view all participating locations. Do not contact the host site to register.

To Register:

To learn more about the program, or to register, simply click the email address next to the staff name at that location or click on the Request Information button. A CarePartners staff member will contact you within 5-7 business days.

Please Note: pre-registration is required for all programs.

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  • What does a typical Gathering Place look like?

    Gathering Place programs are unique to the partnering congregation or nonprofit but will include the 6 components that are specific to caring for individuals with memory loss. Times and activities may vary.

    10:00am ‐ Welcome care partners (individual living with memory loss) and caregivers arrive and are greeted by their assigned volunteer. Usually, a light snack and coffee are offered.

    10:20am ‐ Socialization and Word Games We meet in a circle or at a table and share memories, discussions, or a word game related to the theme.

    10:30am ‐ Arts & Crafts We believe in purposeful crafts at the Gathering Place, an activity that stimulates the brain to work with our hands and is something to enjoy creating.

    11:00am ‐ Entertainment Paid or volunteer entertainers bring their talents to share singing, playing instruments, or performing. Many of the songs are relatable to the era of our care partners.

    11:45am ‐ Fitness This time allows the mind and body to connect. Chair exercises include simple movement, stretching and breathing.

    12:00pm ‐ Lunch Prepared and served by our kitchen volunteers.

    12:30pm ‐ Games This is a great way to have fun at the Gathering. We may play balloon volleyball, bowling, parachute games, bean bag toss and many more games that allow our care partners to get involved and remain active.

    1:00pm ‐ BINGO This is always a popular part of many Gatherings. Word games and table activities may also be enjoyed during this time.

    1:30pm ‐ Pick Up Time As you greet your loved one, volunteers share the events of the day with caregivers and encourage them to join us next month.

  • Am I required to attend with my loved one?

    No, most caregivers are not required to stay with their loved one. However, there are occasions where it may be necessary for you to stay with your loved one. A CarePartners Coordinator will discuss this further during your intake process.

  • How many Gathering Places can my loved on participate in?

    You may attend as many Gathering Place programs as you would like. You must be registered through a CarePartners Coordinator for each location prior to attending.

  • I noticed that many of your partnerships are at congregations of faith across the city. Do I need to belong to one of those congregations or be of that faith to participate in a Gathering Place?

    No, we are an inclusive organization that offers support to all in our community.

  • Are the volunteers involved with the Gathering Place screened in any way to provide a safe environment?

    Yes, our volunteers go through a background screening process, as well as training to equip them with the skills, information, and knowledge to support caregivers and their loved ones.

  • How is the Gathering Place paid for and what can I do to help?

    We rely upon the generosity of our partnering congregations, corporations, foundations, in-kind support, and individual donors. You may also make a tax-deductible donation here