Dementia Day Center

Entering the Dementia Day Center
Photo provided by BakerRipley

The CarePartners Dementia Day Center is one of only two facilities in the Greater Houston area, and the only one that serves individuals with moderate-to-late dementia, ensuring that they continue to have purpose and passion in their lives while providing their families with the support they need for one of the hardest jobs no one receives training for: providing 24/7 care for a spouse, parent, or other loved one who has developed dementia.

During fall 2021, it was announced that CarePartners would assume operations of the Day Center, formerly run by BakerRipley. On January 3, 2022, the Day Center rang in the New Year as a CarePartners program, though very few changes are noticeable to the Day Center attendees and their family caregivers. It is a high priority to us to maintain an impeccable, sustainable standard of care and to create as little disruption as possible for this vulnerable population. To learn more about the Day Center, call 713-667-2840 or email .